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1206-100C Landscape General Arrangement.pdf  
1206-101B Coloured Masterplan.pdf  
1206-103A Access and Security Existing.pdf  
1206-104 Access and Security Proposed.pdf  
1207-109A Tree Retention and Removals.pdf  
1207-110 Site Boundary.pdf  
1207-111 Proposed Site Boundaries.pdf  
1207-112 Landscape Site Sections.pdf  
1207-113 Planting Strategy.pdf  
1207-114 Boundary Wall Proposals.pdf  
1207-115 Existing Site Plan.pdf  
1207-116 Proposed Site Plan.pdf  
305504_2_EXT LTG SECURITY.pdf Clancy st julies.pdf  
305505_1_EXT LTG ISOLUX.pdf Clancy doc St Julies.pdf  
6629 EL(20)01.pdf  
6629 EL(20)05.pdf  
6629 PL(20)10.pdf  
6629 PL(20)11.pdf  
6629 PL(20)12.pdf  
6629 PL(20)13.pdf  
6629 PL(20)14.pdf  
6629 SE(20)10.pdf  
Construction_Method_Statement_-_St Julie's_School.pdf  
2014 Travel Plan_v2-1.pdf  
3143_101 Arboricultural Plan.pdf  
7_4987 1 St Julies Flue Rev 1.pdf  
ACS Arboric Report Nov 2014.pdf  
6629 Planning, Design and Access Statement - planning issue.pdf  
Covering letter IBI.pdf  
Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey.pdf  
Flood Risk Assessment Inc Drainage Strategy.pdf  
LCC Report Screening Factual Checklist.pdf  
Logistics and Phasing Strategy Rev B.pdf  
Noise Impact Assessment.pdf  
Phase 1 Desktop GI_Pt1.pdf  
Phase 1 Desktop GI_Pt2.pdf  
Phase 1 Desktop GI_Pt3.pdf  
Phase 1 Desktop GI_Pt4.pdf  
Phase 1 Desktop GI_Pt5.pdf  
Phase 2 GI Report.pdf  
SEP plans.pdf  
SEP tree survey report.pdf  
Schedule of submission documents for St Julies.pdf  
St Julie's Heritage Statement 1 22 12 14.pdf  
St Julies Renewable Energy Statement.pdf  
St Julies TA Appendices20141219.pdf  
St Julies TA Final 20141219.pdf  
pacorr\appage\3609763.doc Acknowledgement Listed Building/CAC
pacorr\conslt\3609765.doc Consultation Letter Consultees General
pacorr\conslt\3609766.doc Consultation Letter Consultees General
pacorr\conslt\3609767.doc Consultation Letter Consultees General
pacorr\conslt\3609768.doc Consultation Letter Consultees General
pacorr\conslt\3609769.doc Consultation Letter Consultees General
pacorr\conslt\3609771.doc Consultation Letter Consultees General
pacorr\conslt\3609775.doc Consultation Letter Consultees General
pacorr\conslt\3609785.doc Consultation Letter Consultees General
pacorr\conslt\3609789.doc Consultation Letter Consultees General
pacorr\other\3609764.doc Consultation Letter File Copy
pacorr\other\3736957.doc Notification of Committee Date
pacorr\appage\3608514.doc Publicity and Consultations Record Sheet
pacorr\appage\3728236.doc Officer Report Committee
pacorr\appage\3762115.doc Release Form for Legal Agreements - DCLG
pacorr\appage\notice\3762835.doc Decision Notice LBC Appve Conditionally