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17.011_L(00)001 - 3D Visual (1) P02.pdf  
17.011_L(00)002 - 3D Visual (2) P02.pdf  
17.011_L(00)003 - 3D Visual (3) P02.pdf  
17.011_L(00)004 - 3D Visual (4) P02.pdf  
17.011_L(00)005 - 3D Visual (5) P02.pdf  
17.011_L(01)001 - Site Location Plan P02.pdf  
17.011_L(02)000 - Existing Site Plan P02.pdf  
17.011_L(02)001 - Basement Level Site Plan P05.pdf  
17.011_L(02)002 - LG Level Site Plan P05.pdf  
17.011_L(02)003 - UG Level Site Plan P05.pdf  
17.011_L(02)004 - Level 01 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)005 - Level 02 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)006 - Level 03 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)007 - Level 04 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)008 - Level 05 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)009 - Level 06 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)010 - Level 07 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)011 - Level 08 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)012 - Level 09 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)013 - Level 10 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)014 - Level 11 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)015 - Level 12 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)016 - Level 13 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)017 - Level 14 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)018 - Level 15 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)019 - Level 16 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)020 - Level 17 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)021 - Level 18 Site Plan P03.pdf  
17.011_L(02)100 - Bat Roosting Box Locations P01.pdf  
17.011_L(02)101 - Lift Types P01.pdf  
17.011_L(04)200 - Phase 2 Accessible Apartments (P03).pdf  
17.011_L(04)201A - 2A Plans [1] P03.pdf  
17.011_L(04)201B - 2A Plans [2] P02.pdf  
17.011_L(04)203A - 2C Plans [1] P02.pdf  
17.011_L(04)203B - 2C Plans [2] P02.pdf  
17.011_L(04)203B - 2C Plans [2] P03.pdf  
17.011_L(04)300 - Phase 3 Accessible Apartments (P03).pdf  
17.011_L(04)301A - 3A Plans [1] P02.pdf  
17.011_L(04)304 - 3D Plans P02.pdf  
17.011_L(04)301B - 3A Plans [2] P02.pdf  
17.011_L(04)302 - 3B Plans P02.pdf  
17.011_L(04)303 - 3C Plans P02.pdf  
17.011_L(05)001 - Great George Street Elevation P02.pdf  
17.011_L(05)002 - St James Street Elevation P01.pdf  
17.011_L(05)201 - 2A Elevations P02.pdf  
17.011_L(05)302 - 3B Elevations P02.pdf  
17.011_L(05)202 - 2B Elevations P02.pdf  
17.011_L(05)203 - 2C Elevations P02.pdf  
17.011_L(05)301 - 3A Elevations P02.pdf  
17.011_L(05)303 - 3C Elevations P02.pdf  
17.011_L(05)304 - 3D Elevations P02.pdf  
17.011_L(06)001 - Site Sections P01.pdf  
17.011_L(06)002 - Cookson Street Site Section P01.pdf  
17.011_L(07)201 - Block 2A Facade Details P02.pdf  
17.011_L(07)202 - Block 2B Facade Details P02.pdf  
17.011_L(07)203 - Block 2C Facade Details P01.pdf  
17.011_L(07)301 - Phase 3 Facade Details P02.pdf  
17.011_SK(04)211-Block 2A Indicative Commercial Access P01.pdf  
17.011_SK(04)301 - 3A Commercial Refuse Strategy P01.pdf  
17.011_SK(04)303 - 3C & 3D Commercial Refuse Strategy P01.pdf  
17.011_SK(04)311 - Block 3A Indicative Commercial Access P02.pdf  
17.011_SK(04)313 - Block 3C & 3D Indicative Commercial Access P01.pdf  
20F-0400 - DOV land adjacent to Queensland street.pdf Legal Agreement
Great George Street - Consultation Statement Part 1 of 2.pdf  
Great George Street - Consultation Statement Part 2 of 2.pdf  
Great George Street - Daylight Analysis.pdf  
Great George Street - Flood Risk Assessment.pdf  
Great George Street - Framework Travel Plan.pdf  
Great George Street - Heritage Impact Assessment.pdf  
Great George Street - Landscape and Public Realm Statement.pdf  
Great George Street - Management Strategy.pdf  
Great George Street - Noise Assessment.pdf  
Great George Street - PEA Issue 3.pdf  
Great George Street - Pedestrian Level Wind Desk-Based Assessm.pdf  
Great George Street - Phase 1 Site Appraisal.pdf  
Great George Street - Planning Statement.pdf  
Great George Street - Shadow HRA.pdf  
Great George Street - TVIA Appendix 1.1.pdf  
Great George Street - TVIA Appendix 1.2.pdf  
Great George Street - TVIA Appendix 1.3.pdf  
Great George Street - TVIA Appendix 1.4.pdf  
Great George Street - TVIA.pdf  
Great George Street - Transport Assessment Part 1 of 3.pdf  
Great George Street - Transport Assessment Part 2 of 3.pdf  
Great George Street - Transport Assessment Part 3 of 3.pdf  
Great George Street - Tree Survey Report.pdf  
Great George Street - Wind Microclimate Statement of Conformit.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-004-Overall Lighting Strategy.pdf  
Great George Street - Air Quality Asessment.pdf  
Great George Street - Application Form.pdf  
Great George Street - Bat Report Issue 3.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-002-Overall General Arrangement Masterplan .pdf  
PL-1822-VW-003-Overall Levels Strategy.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-005-Illustrative Site Wide Section.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-101-Phase 2 Detail General Arrangement Plan .pdf  
PL-1822-VW-102-Phase 2 - Hardworks Plan.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-103-Phase 2 - Softworks Plan.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-104-Phase 2 - Detailed Levels Plan.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-105-Phase 2 - Illustrative Sections.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-106-Phase 3 - Detail General Arrangement Plan.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-107-Phase 3 - Hardworks Plan.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-108-Phase 3 - Softworks Plan.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-109-Phase 3 - Detailed Levels Plan.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-110-Phase 3 - Illustrative Sections.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-111-Perimeter Paving - Hardworks Plan.pdf  
PL-1822-VW-112-Perimeter Paving - Softworks Plan.pdf  
pacorr\appage\5041003.doc Officer Report Committee
pacorr\appage\5042351.doc Legal Agreement Memo - Committee
pacorr\appage\5043025.doc Notification of Committee Date Applicant/Agent
pacorr\appage\notice\5157005.doc Decision Notice Planning Apprve with Conditions
pacorr\conslt\4763926.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\appage\4753283.doc Publicity and Consultations Record Sheet
pacorr\appage\4763183.doc AAcknowledgement Letter General
pacorr\appage\4763923.doc Site Notice General
pacorr\conslt\4763924.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763925.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763927.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763943.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763944.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763945.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763946.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763947.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763948.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763949.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763950.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763951.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763952.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763956.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763953.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763954.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763955.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763957.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4787925.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4843025.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\other\4763914.doc Consultation Letter File Copy
pacorr\other\5043023.doc Notification of Committee Date
pacorr\other\5043024.doc Notification of Committee Date
pacorr\conslt\4843024.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763958.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763959.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4763960.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General