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16047 Document Issue Sheet - 2018-06-29.pdf  
16047_Brunswick Dock_Design & Access Statement_PART 1_2018.07.06.pdf  
16047_Brunswick Dock_Design & Access Statement_PART 2_2018.07.06.pdf  
16047_Brunswick Dock_Design & Access Statement_PART 3_2018.07.06.pdf  
16047_Brunswick Dock_Design & Access Statement_PART 4_2018.07.06.pdf  
16047_Brunswick Dock_Design & Access Statement_PART 5_2018.07.06.pdf  
16047_Brunswick Quay_Planning Drawings_BUILDING 1_2018.06.27.pdf  
16047_Brunswick Quay_Planning Drawings_BUILDING 2_2018.06.27.pdf  
16047_PL06_LEVEL 09 & 10.pdf  
16047_Brunswick Quay_Planning Drawings_BUILDING 3_2018.06.27.pdf  
16047_Brunswick Quay_Planning Drawings_BUILDING 4_2018.06.27.pdf  
16047_PL01_LEVEL 00 & Mezz.pdf  
16047_PL02_LEVEL 01 & 02.pdf  
16047_PL03_LEVEL 03 & 04.pdf  
16047_PL04_LEVEL 05 & 06.pdf  
16047_PL05_LEVEL 07 & 08.pdf  
16047_PL07_LEVEL 11 & ROOF.pdf  
16047_PL10_SITE SECTION.pdf  
16047_PL11_PROPOSED Visual from Coburg Bridge.pdf  
16047_PL12_PROPOSED Visual from River Mersey.pdf  
16047_PL13_PROPOSED Visual from Riverside Edge.pdf  
2929 FRA inc full appendices.pdf  
AttachmentSummary.pdf PLANNINGPORTAL-Attachment
16047_PL14_PROPOSED Visual from The Anchorage.pdf  
16047_PL15_PROPOSED Visual - 3D Sectional Perspective.pdf  
16047_PL16_PROPOSED Visual - Aerial View.pdf  
16047_PL17_EXISTING Site Plan.pdf  
16047_PL18_Location Plan.pdf PLANNINGPORTAL-Attachment
ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf PLANNINGPORTAL-Attachment
2018.04.27 ESL_Brunswick Dock_Wintering Bird Survey Report.pdf  
2929 - MD 1in100+30%CC.pdf  
2929 - MD 1in2.pdf  
2929 - MD 1in30.pdf  
2929 - SKJS-1P2 Catchments-Catchment.pdf  
Brunswick Dock Heritage Statement.pdf  
Brunswick Quay - Travel Plan FINAL Rev C 030718.pdf  
Brunswick Quay TA FINAL_C030718.pdf  
Brunswick Quay_Landscape Design Statement_Rev_01_Part 1.pdf  
Brunswick Quay_Landscape Design Statement_Rev_01_Part 2.pdf  
Brunswick Quay_Landscape Design Statement_Rev_01_Part 3.pdf  
Brunswick Quay_Landscape Design Statement_Rev_01_Part 4.pdf  
FeeCalculation.pdf PLANNINGPORTAL-Attachment
M80089_101_Illustrative Plan_REV_A.pdf  
M80089_201_REV _B_GA.pdf  
M80089_202_REV _B_GA.pdf  
PART 1 of 3 - Brunswick Quay - Phase 1 Geo-Env Report (April 2018).pdf  
PART 2 of 3 - Brunswick Quay - Phase 1 Geo-Env Report (April 2018).pdf  
PART 3 of 3 - Brunswick Quay - Phase 1 Geo-Env Report (April 2018).pdf  
ST16666_0001 Brunswick Quay Wind Microclimate V1.0 Final inc Appendices.pdf  
pacorr\appage\4691800.doc Site Notice General
pacorr\conslt\4691774.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\appage\4690395.doc Publicity and Consultations Record Sheet
pacorr\appage\4691435.doc AAcknowledgement Letter General
pacorr\conslt\4691714.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
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pacorr\conslt\4691722.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4691723.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4691726.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4691727.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4691758.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4691770.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
pacorr\conslt\4691786.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
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pacorr\conslt\4691799.doc Consultation Letter Consultee General
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